Rozewie Lighthouse

The lighthouse is located in the small village of Rozewie very closed to Jastrzebia Gora. It has the largest focal length throughout Polish lighthouses. It's open for tourist everyday from 9am to 6:30pm.

The "Swiatowid' Promenade

This is the most entertaining part of Jastrzebia Gora during the summer time. You can have a nice walk, eat delicious food listen to live music. Simplify you can have a good time here. At the end of the promenade there is a viewpoint and entrance to the beach.

Lisi Jar ravine

The “Lisi Jar” ravine is a part of Polish Coastal Landscape Park. Ravine stretches along a narrow route to the Baltic coast, reaching a depth of 50 meters. The slopes of the ravine are overgrown with a hundred-year-old beech forest. Previously the gorge was about 10 km long, due to the effect of the sea today it is only 350 meters long. The entrance to the “Lisi Jar” is located at the entrance number 19, very closed to the Rozewie lighthouse.

Whisky House

It's all about whisky - the queen of spirits. You can taste over 750 types of whisky and learn about the origin and history of this spirit.


Chlapowski ravine
Horse riding
Cash point, shops, cafes and restaurants.